Whatever books I’ve read of Maisey Yates, have been fun, lighthearted and warm. Her latest in the Copper Ridge Series, “Wild Ride Cowboy” is just as charming reuniting Alex Donnelly and Clara Campbell.


The death of his best friend and brother in arms brings Alex Donnelly back home to fulfill his friend’s last wishes, a task he’s not looking forward to, and an act that would keep in close proximity to the one love in his life, Clara Campbell.

Losing her family and a brother she had adored leaves Clara Campbell alone to run their depleting ranch, trying to make ends meet and survive on the meager earnings. Realizing that the ranch was left in the guardianship of Alex Donnelly is as shocking as her feelings for Alex.

“Wild Ride Cowboy” is sweet ride of read. Alex as the protective cowboy and the man in love, helping Clara is a treat and Clara as the courageous woman trying to keep her family ranch going is one of Maisey’s strong characters I’ve read her. Add in the sparks of attraction and Maisey Yates does a fine job developing their relationship making it a pleasure to read this story.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.