Fashion, clothes, photo shoots and runways are Allegra Simpson’s life. As the Vice President of Simpson Fashion, she does her job with manners and a smile. As much as she is confident and poised, she’s too nice for her own good and her family always swoops in to protect her. As much as she is in the limelight for all the right reasons, she can also be a target for an obsessive stalker, hell bent on making her his wife!


But Allegra’s heart and soul belong to Finn Williams, who runs a sports agency and is affiliated with the Simpsons. Finn has always loved Allegra and even as they confess their feelings for each other, he knows that Allegra is keeping him at a distance and hiding something.

Compared to the other two couples, Allegra and Finn may seem to be immature and more emotional, hot and cold in their relationship, but I think that adds credibility to their age and the history they have. As they try to work through misunderstandings and jealousies, the obsessive stalker in the shadows is getting too close for comfort and the twist in the story sure is a surprise. It’s wonderful visiting Elle and Drake, Logan and Bree, and let’s not forget the sassy Shirley with her puns and humor.

“Fashioned For Power” is the third book in her Woman Of Power Series, and is just another fabulous love story. Allegra and Finn make you laugh, cry and pull your hair sometimes, but you just can’t help falling in love with them. And the suspense was well maintained till the end of the story.

As much as I liked Allegra and Finn, my favorites are Drake and Elle. Can’t wait for Mallory to kick some sense into Read Simpson!