Writing is no easy task. Writing fiction is a different animal altogether and writing to make it easy reading is even more hard work. I always admire people who have the courage to put their thoughts into words, stories into manuscripts and dreams into books. I have immense respect and admiration for all those amazing writers who make it seem so easy to let those emotions flow through their words.

So many times I wish to be like them or just get into their heads to see how their minds work out all these amazing plots that have us panting for more. But then again, they need someone to read all their works right? So I perched myself on the reader’s shelf (much to the angst of my hubby!), a super voracious addict I am, and having a ball getting to know these amazing writers as they cajole their brilliant characters to talk to them, to talk to us!Image

Jennifer Ryan is one such writer and boy I love her to the booties and I adore….adore her!!! I am fascinated with her “Hunted Series” and keep going back to them – again and again and again. This series is by far one of the most scintillating series I’ve read. Even now, I am not sure what it is that had me so enthralled about this series, or takes me back to them countless times. I love her narration and attention to details. It was filled with so much emotion, love and pain that I could feel myself pulled into those characters. Having read the series so many, many times, I am absolutely crazy about Jack/Jenna, Elizabeth/Sam, Cameron/Martina and Morgan and Tyler!

And if that is not enough, now she’s got me hooked to “The McBrides” (Bad Boys) – her new series. First in the series is “The Return Of Brody McBride”.  Bad boy turned decorated army ranger returns to his town and lost love, Rain Evans only to discover, the miniature surprises waiting for him. It was beautifully choreographed with Brody’s issues, Rain’s courage and hope and not to forget the strong bond of family and support. To the McBrides, family is everything and they take care of their own.Image

If falling for the black sheep of the family is not enough, Jennifer’s second book made “Falling For Owen”, the sweetest and the easiest thing to happen. Bad boy (brother of Brody), turned attorney Owen McBride overcomes his dark past and becomes an advocate for the innocent. He meets his neighbor Claire Walsh, a bakery owner under unpleasant circumstances and his protective instincts kick in. Loved his ‘I-don’t-beat-around-the-bush’ attitude as he woos her until she bends.

ImageAs for Claire, coming off of a painful and messy marriage, Owen is the guy she wants to run away in the opposite direction. But with the relentless Owen charm turned full on and an unsuspecting killer on their toes, sure made it easy for Claire – falling for Owen.

Can’t imagine how electrifying “Dylan’s Redemption” is going to be – hooked line and sinker!!!


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Pictures: Courtesy Jennifer Ryan website.