More secrets……darker and deeper……murky waters and evil…..web of evil getting tighter and tighter……

And that is how the second book in the Rogue River Series, “Gone To Her Grave”, embroils us into more questions than answers. Innocent lives seem to be threatened, and an unknown drug has the town of Solitude in a grip of danger and death.


Carly Taylor, a social worker in Solitude goes to the rescue of a teen caught in a vicious grip of murder and drugs. Against her estranged husband’s word, Seth Harding who happens to be running the investigation, Carly gets caught in the crossfire of danger with no resolution to the issue.

Seth Harding loves his wife more than anything in the world, and constantly lives with the fear of losing her. He can’t seem to understand Carly or her desire to protect these troubled children, and this been the bone of contention separating them in marriage. But now with Carly in danger, and the town in the grips of an unknown drug, Seth is going to do his damn best to make sure Carly stays alive, with him forever no matter what.

Co-written by Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh, experts of suspense and thrillers, Rogue River Series is a four-part novella, taking us into the dark side of Solitude. With emotions and danger on the rise, passion and relationships tested, and strange deaths and disappearances on the menu, “Gone To Her Grave” leads us into the third book of the series….with more menace and peril.

Received an ARC via Netgalley for an honest review.