I can’t get over the fact how thrilling and sensual Katie Reus’s books are. Every single book is a story of suspense, passion and immense chemistry overflowing each page.

“Dangerous Surrender” is book#4 of her series “The Serafina: Sin City”. No different from the adrenaline rush of reading her previous books, yet stands apart from her other books in the series. Taylor is a computer genius, hacker and investigator, and discovers fraud and embezzlement in her company. The partner kills her boss and mentor, and she gets framed for the murder. On the run and with avenues closed off, she escapes to Vegas to get help from her friend Vadim. Unfortunately Vadim is on his honeymoon, and she breaks into the house to stay safe.


Roman is an ex-marine; working for the infamous and super wealthy Christiansen, and he’s been delegated the job of house-sitting and dog sitting while Vadim is on his honeymoon. As much as he is impressed with Taylor for breaking into a high security house, Taylor trying to knock him out does not sit very well with him. But she sure knocks his socks off with her intelligence and fearlessness.

With misunderstandings out of the way, Taylor brings out all his protective instincts along with spades of instant chemistry and attraction. As they try to bring the killer to justice, Taylor and Roman explore each other’s feelings and give into each other. But will it last once the killer is apprehended is a million dollar question.

Fast paced, creative story line, a beautiful and intelligent Taylor, and an alpha marine Roman – Dangerous Surrender” is instant gratification!!!

Received and ARC from via Netgalley for an honest review.