Writing a book is no mean task. Years of research and reading, approvals and disapprovals, edits and corrections, time away from family and burning the midnight oil. I have the ultimate respect for writers and authors, who have chalked a large percentage of their time to give us readers, wonderful and heartwarming stories of love and passion, evil and good, relationships and support, pain and turmoil, allegiance and loyalty.

Maya Banks is one such writer (one of my top favorites), as she weaves stories spanning multiple genres, and I love every one of them. Her new series “Slow Burn” is no exception to her mastery of writing and the first book “Keep Me Safe” is a brilliant portrayal of a woman cloaked in pain and torment hoping to be saved by a knight in shining armor and maybe just hope for a normal life.

KeepMeSafe-SlowBurn1-Oct 2014

Ramie has psychic powers that connect her to the victims through their pain, but it comes at a very high price with Ramie going through the same pain as the victims. A power that has put her in hiding from the society, as a stalker is hell bent on killing her. She cannot escape him and she cannot get to him, as the stalker has psychic abilities that are a danger to Ramie’s life.

Caleb Devereaux hunts down Ramie at her hiding place, as she is the only one who can save his kidnapped sister, not realizing the physical pain that Ramie has to through. Despite filled with remorse for the pain he’s caused Ramie, he would have gone to the ends of earth to protect his family, and vows to repay her any which way he can. When he gets the call from Ramie to keep her safe, he leaves nothing to chance to protect her, give her security and keep her close to his heart.

As the passion flares between Caleb and Ramie, the body count rises and the killer becomes more and more aggressive. Maya Banks breathes life into her characters of Ramie and Caleb, as they go through desperation and anguish, nightmares and fear and helplessness and frustration. The emotions roll off of her pages and you get sucked into Caleb’s and Ramie’s depth of love and despair. They hold a very special place in my heart as one of the best fictional couples of Maya Banks.

The final chapters of “Keep Me Safe”, is pure brilliant creative writing and leaves you wanting to read more of Caleb and Ramie. A great writer is one who can make the characters living and breathing, and Maya Banks has always succeeded time and again. Her books leave you yearning for more and more!