Lori Foster and her sinful writings; stories of alpha males and sassy females; pleasure and pain all wrapped into presents of fun, witty and remarkable reads.

Charade” is two individual stories Impetuous (1995) and Outrageous (1997), republished under one title, but keeping the original titles within. Good for me as both are non-reads and I thoroughly enjoyed both the books, although Impetuous was my favorite of the two.


A dashing pirate and a ravishing harem girl come together in “Impetuous” giving us a sizzling read of two complete opposites being attracted. Tyler Ramsey falls head over heels for Carlie McDaniels and they have one sensual night of pleasure and passion. Tyler is clueless to the identity of the luscious beauty and Carlie likes to keep it that way. Circumstances bring Tyler and Carlie to work with kids after school, and Tyler slowly realizes he is falling in love with the frumpy Carlie and yet feels guilty remembering the harem girl. Carlie gave up her heart to Tyler already and yet her insecurities keep Tyler at bay. Now it’s to be seen if that one night of recklessness can give them a chance at a future of love and trust.

Now, time for a male stripper, Judd Sanders“Outrageous”-ly handsome and strips Emily Cooper of her bearings. Working undercover in a strip club, Judd is hunting the killer who had put bullets into his father figure Max, and Emily with all her sophistication and money is trying to blend into the dark side searching for the guy who is selling faulty guns making her brother one of the victims. Judd saves her ass from getting killed and both end up under one roof in the name of danger and protection. Outrageous as it seems to Emily’s parents, there is no less passion and chemistry between these two, and sure scorched the sheets. Enough to make a future is the big question.

Two fun reads for a perfect weekend or with a mug of delicious hot chocolate!

Received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review