Anyone who knows Susan Mallery, will know her Fool’s Gold Series. As quaint as the name of the town, so are her stories set in Fool’s Gold, golden and charming; a perfect blend of unconditional love, support and friendship.


Army doctor Gabriel Boylan comes to Fool’s Gold to recuperate from an injury and also reconnect with his brother Gideon. For him the holidays carry bittersweet memories of a past filled with pain and anger. Yet all is not in vain, as he comes across Noelle Perkins, perky, smart and always keeping a smile and trying to make others laugh.

Noelle Perkins lands in Fool’s Gold by the prick of a pin, and hasn’t regretted one moment of it. Enfolded into the warmth and love of Fool’s Gold, she embraces the second chance that life was kind enough to give. Running her own store The Christmas Attic, she loves every breath of her life. With amazing friends for support, maybe this Christmas, she may find her partner in love.

With weddings on the horizon, and relationships to be mended and forgiven, Gabriel and Noelle find themselves falling for each other. But even as Noelle accepts her feelings, Gabriel is far from putting roots and that too in Fool’s Gold. But as Gideon says, Fool’s Gold gets to you eventually, maybe Gabriel can find that support and love from Noelle and she may vey well be his roots for a new future.

Another lovely story by Susan Mallery, and it’s wonderful to revisit the characters from her previous books. Another golden winner from her basket.

Received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.