Here’s another fabulous author/writer who takes great pleasure in keeping her readers entertained with her varied genre of books, from romance to suspense. Brenda Novak’s been one of my favorite writers/authors for a while and her Whiskey Creek Series infamous for giving us plenty of stories.


“The Heart Of Christmas” holds Eve Harmon close to heart as the people of Whiskey Creek, CA keeps their own protected and safe. Eve runs a B&B and has a very strong and loyal support of friends, friends who are almost all married and some with children. Her thirty fifth birthday brings melancholy and sadness as she feels that her life is what is now, not able to find the right guy; have a family and kids like her friends. And this birthday she wakes with a stranger in her bed!

Brent Taylor ( aks Rex and other names) is passing through Whiskey Creek, running away from ghosts that refuse to leave him alone. One night with Eve and he is more than attracted to her. But with a dangerous past on his heels, all he can give Eve is lies and love, but no commitment. As he falls more and more into Eve’s love and understanding, his lies catch up to the truth and he has not choice but confess to Eve, risking all that he has come to treasure.

As Eve tries to come to grips with Rex’s reality, her whole team of coffee-friends rallies around her with support and love. Another great story from Brenda Novak, as she pens the pain, frustration and anguish of Rex, to the emotions of loneliness and love of Eve. The Heart Of Christmas takes us on a journey of love and passion, pain and guilt, support and solidarity of a small town, that believes in the magic of Christmas and miracles.

Received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley fro an honest review