I’ve read Lauren Layne a couple of times, although she hasn’t been my regular list of writers. It’s just a time crunch aspect; because she is a good writer and I enjoyed the books I’ve read so far.

“Made For You” is the second in her “The Best Mistake” Series (the first been “Only With You) and is a charming story of a successful playboy, going after the lady who stole his heart eons ago.


Brynn Dalton is a successful and rich orthodontist and the innumerable lists she makes and the milestones that should have been a part of her life as she goes from year to year control her life. Childhood physical issues and high school’s painful experiences have made her what she is today, and unfortunately it is not making her happy. When her current boyfriend dumps her, she throws caution to the wind, and ends up striking a deal with her one time lover William Thatcher to have a fling. Going completely opposite to her character, she ends up enjoying this new life way more than she had anticipated.

William Thatcher had loved Brynn since high school, and he has been harassing her to cover up his own feelings for her. With his Casanova image, he does not give Brynn any reason to think otherwise. He comes back to claim his love, and weaves a game plan to get Brynn back. With Brynn striking a deal with him to have a fling, Will sees this as a perfect opportunity to woo her back.

But is Brynn capable of letting go of her lists and uptight attitude to her life, or will it backfire for Will and he may lose the only woman he had ever loved. Lauren Layne pens an emotional story of pain and hurt, of second chances and risks, of support and patience and of a love and trust that can make a promising future, despite a few mistakes.

Received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review