The Purgatory never has been this beastly and passionate!!!!!

The third in “The Purgatory Series”, Cynthia Eden takes us on a ride of crazy experiments and the ramifications of evil minds, all in the name of power and control. This series gets better and better with every book and every story.

Connor Marrock is obligated to work for the Seattle Para Unit; one last mission and he wants out. His intended last job to protect the beautiful Chloe Quick goes awry as dangerous werewolves pursue them. Of course if his body stays away from her, and he keeps his mind properly glued to his shoulders, he may safe Chloe’s hide. A beast himself, and a deadly one at that, he cannot control the pull he feels for Chloe, nor does he want to resist her.


All Chloe Quick ever wanted was her freedom. A freedom to be the person she wants to be, a freedom to do things like normal beings, and a freedom to be loved and love. Used as an experimental tool for evil, and killed by her crazy father, Chloe wants to run away from the turmoil happening within her body and the chaos surrounding her. As she tries to figure out who or what she really is, her life depends on Connor to keep her safe she wants to trust Connor to keep her sanity.

As the primal attraction reaches dangerous levels, Connor needs to hang on to his control as an obsessive werewolf is after Chloe and her talent. A fascinating read as Cynthia Eden brings in her previous vampires/werewolves of the Para Unit together to help Chloe and her death she endures several times. With raw passion touching the limits, evil that sees no boundaries and a unit that is hell bent on saving the innocent, “Charming The Beast” is one adrenaline ride of paranormal fantasy!

Received an ARC from “Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc” via Netgalley for a honest review.