I have read a few of Alexandra Ivy, as I am exploring new authors writing paranormal and fantasy. I love her books. They take you into a world of fantasy, evil and paranormal, a world within a world of others.


“Out Of Control” is the prequel to her new series “Sentinel” and was part of an anthology “Predatory” published in 2013. Now it comes out as a standalone. This series takes us into the world of the FREAKS (high –blood) comprising of psychics, witches, necromancers, who live in Valhalla, a place apart from the humans, heavily guarded and protected. And like any other world, they battle the evil that is among them, keeping the innocents safe.

Angela Locke is a brilliant scientist in genetics and is ignorant to the talent she has within her. Working on her Ph.D., she falls for her sexy professor Dr. Nikolo Bartrev; little does she realize that Niko is not what he seems to be. Niko is a Sentinel with extraordinary powers and is actually on a mission to protect Angela from a predator and take her to Valhalla to keep her safe. With passion and lust getting the way of the mission, Angela and Niko have to survive the danger surrounding them to make a future for themselves.

I am hoping we get to see Angela and Niko in the future stories and get to know them a bit more about their relationship and history. Alexandra Ivy gives us a captivating and riveting start to the series. I am looking forward to reading more of the FREAKS and their trysts with their partners.

Received an ARC from Kensington Publishing via Netgalley for a honest review