“A Cowgirl’s Christmas” is the last in the series “The Carrigans Of The Circle C”, and is definitely the best of the series in my opinion, coming from CJ Carmichael’s kitty.

Callan Carrigan had been taking care of The Circle C ranch, along with her father for years and her life completely revolves around the ranch. Of all the sisters, she is the typical cowgirl, enjoying ranching with a passion. But when her father dies, and the will bequeaths the ranch to her father’s nephew, Court McAllister, Callan feels betrayed. Once she and her sisters find their mother’s diaries and personal letters, the very essence of their upbringing is questioned.


Court McAllister is a city guy but with a passion to own a ranch and a love for the open fields, and want to make a home with a family on it. He falls for Callan from his very first sight of her, and wants her to stay back at the ranch as the foreman. So he throws in an offer for her to stay back for a year, after which she gets half of the ranch. Tempting as the offer is, Callan is devastated with the turn of events and refuses to even consider it and Court refuses to give up on Callan.

“A Cowgirl’s Christmas” takes you into the life of a young lady, reeling from the secrets disclosed and losing the very essence of her roots and individuality. Losing her mother at a tender age, she looked up to her father and poured all her love and does everything in her realm to please him. But coming to the grips of the reality, shatters her confidence, and she is left all alone despite having her sisters with her. As much as I can understand where her father was coming from and why he was inclined to act the way, its the children who bear the consequences of the mistakes made by the elders.

Callan’s character was written with so much depth and from the heart, I cried as I read her pain and betrayal, of feeling alone even with family surrounding her. Court was a super nice, patient guy who is willing to sacrifice everything just to give Callan back her smile and roots. This is an outstanding conclusion to the series, and CJ Carmichael did a fabulous job of etching the story from her soul, with hurt, despair, love and support, oozing off the pages!

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via Netgalley for an honest review