From the beautiful world that Jace and Cat have created around them, since they first met in “Someday Girl”, their journey takes them into the superficial world that Cat was forced to grow up in. When her mother survives an accident in Malibu, Cat is drawn back into her mother’s life for boosting her public image, and creates an aura of a loving and supportive family. Living around a famous actress mother with a cruel tongue and a nasty mind, is no menial task for the young Cat.

The second book in the series, “One Day His” (The Someday Series) is the perfect battleground for love and hate, endurance and pain, support and relationships. It is also the grounds that would test the love between Jace and Cat. As Jace struggles to find a grip on the events happening around him, Cat draws strength from Jace to stand up to her mother. As Jace lends strength and support to Cat, Cat in her won quite way is trying to keep Jace getting into trouble by defying Angela.


I don’t think Angela as the cruel and selfish mother can be etched to more perfection. Melanie and Shawna did a fabulous job creating her. The continuing story gives Jace a picture of Cat’s life and an insight into her depth of character. It also gives shows him the reason Cat turned out to be the nice and humble, caring and loving person to all around her; because to be able to rise above a bad situations and become a better person is what makes Cat a sterling character…a perfectly imperfect young adult.

Angela is no kid on the block. And she spares nothing to bring unrest, doubts and uncertainties between Jace and Cat. Jace is the spectator to the extent of her desire to split them, and now he faces a past that he had left behind and a past that he had no clue of.

Swords are drawn…pawns in place…and the battleground is ready.

A fabulous continuation to Jace and Cat’s love story. And I can’t wait for Jace to make Cat his “Forever Girl”