Rebecca Zanetti had always been one of my favorite writers/authors, well before I started writing reviews for any books. Her Maverick Montana Series is one of my all-time favorites that I’ve visited innumerable times!

Paranormal for me was an iffy genre, which thanks to Cynthia Eden, have lost myself hook, line and sinker! And now Rebecca Zanetti is right there next to my favorite paranormal writers Cynthia Eden and Donna Grant. And as a voracious reader, my husband’s fighting a losing battle with the realm of vampires, shifters, demons etc…etc… 😉

The Dark Protector Series is a fascinating series of fearless male vampires, prophesized to be mated to human females for eternity. Dark with midnight intensity, raw passion that takes our breath away, and a fierce love that defies all boundaries, these powerful alpha males would do anything to protect their own and their people.

Fated – Three hundred year old vampire Talen Kayrs, saves Cara Paulsen and her extraordinary gifted daughter Janie, from the clutches of the evil. Janie is touted to be the one to bring down all evil in eternity and Talen would lay down his life for them.


Claimed Emma Paulsen (Cara Paulsen’s sister) is on the run trying to stay alive. A brilliant geneticist and a powerful psychic, she would lay her life down for her family and defy Dage Kayrs if necessary. As the King Of The Realm, Dage is fighting a war with the evil Kurjans, along with his brothers, trying to find a cure for an evil virus been spread and at the same time maintain balance and peace in the realm. And for this, he would do anything to protect his realm, Emma and mate her for eternity.

Tempted Sara Pringle escapes a mental institution and is on the run from her vindictive brother who is ready to sell her to the Kurjans. With her life as a schoolteacher on hold, she has no choice but to trust the ass-kicking, enigmatic Max Petrovsky and put her life in his hands. Primal need and protective instincts dictate Max to do what needs to be done to keep his mate safe.

Hunted – It’s been a century since Conn had marked Moira Dunn, quantum physics witch, as his mat; a century away from her, as he gave her time to grow up, harness her powers and go back to him. But with the Realm getting ready for a war with the Kurjans, and allies changing hands, Connlan Kayrs had enough of the wait and goes to get back his wickedly hot and sinful witch.

This is just the first 4 part volume and there are more Dark Protectors waiting in the wings to be read. Anyone wanting to take a plunge into the other realm and get acquainted with the paranormal over a cuppa coffee…go for it. A fabulous series, with a super fabulous author/writer at the helm.