I like Susan Kearney and her books. I’ve read a few of hers previously and she does a good job of giving her readers a strong plot and narration. Her new release “Secrets Of Moore House” is an appealing read.

A fire destroys Jasmine Ross’s home and her everything is turned into ashes. A mysterious letter dated 25 years ago, rekindles her desire to search for her missing mother, a search that takes into the Moore household, a family that was supposedly related to her and the head of the family Talbot Moore, being her father. But Talbot has been a victim of a fire himself and his body has been put to rest three months ago. As she steps into that household to find the truth, all she sees is resentment, anger and motive for anyone to be the perpetrator.


Rand Sinclair is Talbot Moore’s partner and he is the only who gives a marginal scope for Jasmine to stay in the house and get to the bottom of the threat. The enigmatic and handsome Rand has his own agenda of wanting to help Jasmine as he is falling for her innocence and courage. As accidental incidents push Jasmine to the boundaries of questioning her sanity, he is the only one who believes in her story and her quest for finding the truth of what had happened 25 years ago.

The plot is a little tepid, but the narration and evolution was interesting. It does keep you wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery, and the ending was a surprise as well. Although I did feel that the romance between Jasmine and Rand (as a sub plot), would have been developed a little bit more, rather than make abrupt confessions. I also would have liked a little bit more depth into the secondary characters to make it more intriguing and keep the guessing game going on.

All in all, it is a good enjoyable one time read.

Received an ARC from Belle Books via Netgalley for a honest review