Erin Nicholas is such a witty author/writer! My first read of hers was the Sapphire Falls Series, and it was a laughing riot all the way. Am I glad, I’ve come across her books and the ever-interesting stories she weaves, and she has become one of my go to writers/authors from her very first book I read.

“No Matter What” is the first in her Billionaire Bargain Series and is a republished work, which is great for me, as I haven’t read it until now. Billionaire Adam Steele is on the lookout for a physical therapist and he wants the best. And gets the best. And he wants and gets Dr. Jaden Monroe for his daughter, little realizing that his heart is in danger of a takeover.


Dr. Jaden Monroe quits her job as one of the top physical therapists and is working in a bar, helping a friend. She eyes the handsome billionaire Steele with instant attraction even before the introductions and his need to hire her services for his daughter. With an offer of a million dollars on the table and a chance to fulfill her dream of completing the pediatric rehab wing at the hospital, she has been working so hard for, Jaden is in jeopardy of losing her heart and soul to the sinfully handsome and protective dad.

“No Matter What” is just not another romantic story. It is a story of a father who would move heaven and earth to protect his daughter. It is a heartwarming narration of a dad standing in the sidelines, worrying and frustrated for not guarding his daughter from pain and loss. And it is the story of an insecure father of a teenager, trying to accept his daughter’s strength and courage, laughter and joy, changes and adjustment, with the usual feelings of indulgence, jealousy and love.

Jaden is an amazingly strong person, tuned to the needs of her patients, sympathetic yet motivating, a task master yet caring, and a friend yet not losing sight of the goals of her patients. With her sassy and don’t care attitude, she gives Adam many a sleepless night and she is not spared either. With passion crackling and love simmering, Adam and Jaden have to find that middle ground to build a future with trust and support.

A charming and enjoyable read all the way through the end, and I can’t wait for Erin Nicholas to bring the next billionaire to his knees.

Received an ARC from Samhain Publishing via Netgalley for a honest review.