It’s always a pleasure to read Catherine Bybee….always! She takes us into a world of sweet romance, loss and forever, with a healthy dose of reality….just the kind of stuff we readers need for a rainy day. “Not Quite Forever” (Book 4 – Quite Series) takes us along the journey with Dr. Walt Eddy and the famous romance author Dakota Laurens to their Forever Land.


A mix up at a convention brings Walt and Dakota face to face and sparks ignite instantaneously. As different as chalk and cheese, their meeting is sweet as honey and sexy as silk and rich as velvet. Mutual attraction reels the procrastinating doctor and the over organized author into spending time with each other and into each other.

Dakota believes in romance and happily ever-afters, and the globetrotting doctor does a disappearing act haunted by a painful past. Circumstances bring them together after a short hiatus, and Walt confesses to himself his feelings for Dakota. But Dakota is already on the run from Walt to nurse a broken heart. With the support of some amazing friends and family, it’s up to Walt to convince Dakota he’s done running and ready to settle down.

With pages of sassy dialogues and steamy romance, disagreeable parents and nosy friends, holidays and sickness, Walt and Dakota sure tap dance around each other to finally get their forever. I love the way Catherine gives importance to the depth of relationships and the maturity of nurturing them with patience and love. The choreography of Dakota and Walt’s mother’s relationship was a delightful insight to read. Another charming read all the way!