I love Rachel Grant and her Evidence Series. Body Of Evidence (Book 2) is a brilliantly crafted story of political mayhem and corruption with the innocents in the crosshairs of war and death.

Archeologist Mara Garrett’s job is to retrieve dead GIs and bring them home. Excavating in North Korea, she never dreams that she would end being arrested, labeled as a spy and sentenced to death.


US Attorney Curt Dominic is her only saving grace, but unfortunately this ambitious attorney is prosecuting her uncle who was the former Vice President. Curt has enough evidence to bring Mara’s uncle to justice, but still needs her as a key witness to testify.

Curt literally saves Mara from facing the firing squad within seconds to spare, and the trip back to the US ends up being sabotaged. What started off as a rescue quickly turns into a deadly game of danger and death. With a known enemy on their trail, Mara and Curt have to trust each other to keep their bodies breathing.

Body Of Evidence is a fabulous ride of thrill and suspense as Mara and Curt try to outwit the enemy across the globe. Mara and Curt is an intoxicating couple and Rachel Grant has done a stupendous job writing them. With passion sizzling between them, and a trial that keeps them apart, loyalties are tested, and love is put in the crosshairs of a conspiracy that not only threatens to tear them apart but also puts national security at risk.

I thought Concrete Evidence (Book 1) was an adrenaline rush, but Body Of Evidence beats it with guns blazing!

Received an ARC from All Night Reads via Netgalley for a honest review.