Here’s another first for me……Naked Cowboys and Desiree Holt!!! Obviously haven’t had a chance to read all about those Naked Cowboys (intend to rectify this mistake!!!), but “Naked Desire” is a good start for me in the series.


Cynthia Dellinger is leaving a painful and betrayed marriage of fifteen years behind her and lands in Saddler’s Wells, TX to start on a clean slate. With a small settlement to her name and a secret family rub recipe that may well be the foundation for a new lease of life, she lays roots in the land of sexy cowboys and sassy and supportive friends.

With her close friends lending a helping hand, not only in business but in her personal life, she meets the super sexy and younger than her carpenter cowboy Jesse Orosco. With his own successful business, the busy and charismatic artist gets lassoed with Cyn’s beauty and her determination. He helps build her store and along the way falls madly in love with her.

As the passion between Cyn and Jesse steams the tarps in the store, and fires the wood, Cyn’s rub with her own secret ingredient seems to be causing Cynsations in the public and their love lives!!!. Even as her business is taking off in an incredibly magical way, Jesse is having a hard time convincing Cyn that age is no barrier in the game of love and heart. And being the tenacious cowboy he is, with the help of his friends, he is hell bent on keeping her in his saddle forever.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and her whole group of friends is adorable, tenacious, supportive and hilarious to the core. Cyn as the mature and successful yet vulnerable lady is a treat getting to know her. And Jesse as the I-know-what-I-want and I-want-Cyn is the perfect gentleman and lover to boot. I definitely will go back to catch up on other’s love stories.

Received an ARC from Samhain Publications via Netalley for an honest review.