Lindsay McKenna writes some astounding stories of awe-inspiring courage and love. I’ve read so many of her books, and each book is a testimony of her talent in creating characters with layers of depth, stories that bring you happiness and sadness, and circumstances that take you on a journey of selfless heroism and valor.


Navy ER nurse Skylar Pascal comes back home alive, surviving capture and torture in Afghanistan. No amount of therapy can erase the pain and torment of she had gone through in the war-ravaged country. As she tries to find a footing in the midst of normal life, PTSD does not make it easy for her to keep at jobs. Her search for sanity and survival brings her to Elk Horn Ranch, Wyoming and she gets her first stable job at the ranch taking care of the young guests and running the dispensary.

Ex-Navy Seal Grayson McCoy is the pioneer in helping create a safe haven for wild life on Elk Ranch and Skylar brings out all his protective instincts. Having experienced insurmountable suffering and PTSD, he can really understand Skylar’s plight and is only a step away from lending a helping hand.

As Gray and Skylar work together, flickers of awareness ignite between them. As Skylar gains her confidence back, Gray stokes the flickers into embers of passion. As Skylar heals mentally and physically, Gray finds his center with Skylar. Skylar blossoms in Gray’s protection and the Elk Horn Ranch heals her with its open skies and warmth of the wilderness. Yet sometimes the wilderness and a safe haven can be threatened from the inside….

“Wolf Haven” is another remarkable story of two war veterans, coming back home wounded, and trying to find a place in the norm of life. McKenna does an outstanding job of etching Gray and Skylar, their recuperation and wellness, their support and empathy for each other and the humbleness of nature gives them a safe haven to heal with each, for each other. McKenna pays much need attention to the minutest of details of the healing process…truly a wonderful story in its simplicity of love and complexity of emotions.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via Netgalley for a honest review.