Wild child Chloe Thompson! The running-away-from-settling-down-in-one-place Chloe Thompson!! The one-who-can’t-put-roots-in-one-place Chloe Thompson!!! Pregnant, temperamental, hormonal, weepy, pissed off at her sexy and handsome husband Sawyer Bennett, Chloe Thompson is putting every one of her family and friends in the firing range of her protective husband.


Can Christmas at Lucky Harbor get any more exciting with a storm raging outside, Chloe all set to deliver the little “Bean”, and Sawyer may very well miss all the action and endure Chloe’s wrath. Chloe defies Sawyer and emotional blackmails into going to the Christmas party to be among her family and friends, a poor substitute for Sawyer who’s away on one final mission.

It’s a beautiful story of a woman finding her peace among her well-wishers. It’s a magical story of two wonderful people, having gone through so much turmoil and upheaval in their past, and they are finally putting roots in one place with each other. And it’s an emotional beginning to a beautiful future, as Chloe and Sawyer give birth to a baby, welcoming the ups and downs, keeping each other on their toes, surprising and unpredictable, but so much in love with each other, it brings tears to your eyes.

A short and a perfect story, beside a fireplace with hot chocolate in hand, and Christmas lights twinkling and carols in the background, Jill Shalvis takes us on a visit with the hot and sexy alphas of Lucky Harbor along with the sassy and gorgeous partners on their arms, and the town of Lucky Harbor welcoming the new addition, adding beauty to it’s landscape…a perfect update for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!!! A fitting end to an outstanding series!!!!

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via Netgalley for a honest review.