Here’s another first for me – Kara Braden. And another first for me in deciding what category do I really classify “The Deepest Night”. I mean the story did not get me excited; yet it was not boring. It can be read with ease, but with no anticipation of what’s going to come. It reads more like a narration without a direction. The storyline is feeble and it left me searching for the crux of the story and the essence of the characters.


The story is simple enough with Michele Cole coming to the Isles Of Scilly to escape a past pain and start fresh. She helps to take care of a friend’s B&B, as she tries to decide her future. Ray Powell ends up in the same B&B as a he is recuperating after completing a grueling mission in Afghanistan. He’s got roots here in this small coastal isle, before he made the USA his home. They meet, sparks flare, desire and passion take root and they try to overcome their insecurities to forge a future with each other.

But unfortunately there is absolutely no chemistry between the characters, and the characters themselves have a weak creation. There doesn’t seem to be a particular purpose in their life, and for that matter, neither does the story. I think Michele’s mother had more form than Michele or Ray. And even as I got to the end of the book, my thought was, “Is this all?”

It would have been great if the author had given her characters more depth and a plot to the story. It would have made a sweet romantic story. Irrespective of this book, I’ll definitely check her other works.

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablance via Netgalley for an honest review.