The battle between good and evil, human and demon is a never-ending war waged for centuries and shall continue into the future with destructive consequences, as power and control take precedence over everything. And as history shows, for every act of evil, there will be reacting to maintain the balance and for every demon that steps on an innocent, there will be a protector to mete out justice.


Donna Grant’s latest in her Dark Kings paranormal dragon saga “Hot Blooded”, brings Laith, a Dragon King face to face with Iona Campbell, daughter of the caretaker of the vast lands that safeguard the secrets of the Dreagan Industries. Estranged from her father for twenty years, photojournalist Iona makes the decision to reunite with her father in Scotland, but unfortunately ends up coming to his funeral instead. Strange things seem to happen as the beauty of the vast lands hide secrets that put her life in danger and test her integrity, loyalty and intelligence.


Guarded by the Campbell estates, the Dreagen Industries nestle the Dragon Kings and their kingdom, as they man the vast skies protecting the innocent and taking care of their own. Laith, as one of the Dragon Kings and protector, is drawn to Iona at first sight. The attraction between them kindles a passion that cannot be ignored, even as danger surrounds Iona, and Laith puts all his magical resources and allies to defend Iona and his kingdom.


Hot Blooded is another brilliant story, further taking the readers on a ride of passion, secrets and betrayal. For new readers, this book can be read as a stand-alone, and can be a good start, as it gives a detailed description into the history of the paranormal dynamics of the Dragon Kings, Warriors, Fae and others, and the ensuing war. And as Laith unveils the secrets of the Campbell lands and the Dreagen Industries to Iona, he puts himself and his love at risk.


Another passionate “Dark Kings” story by the fabulous Donna Grant, of a Dragon King finding his mate, a brilliant continuation of the Dragon King saga as it chronicles the past bringing us with the current, a thrilling ride of a mortal with her Dragon King, as he takes her on a fiery ride high above the skies, and an evil that is lurking in the shadows, biding it’s time, waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Received an ARC from St. Martins Press via Netgalley for an honest review.