The final installment of the “Someday Series” is a fitting ending to the start of a new phase of life for Jace and Cat. They met, dated, romanced with a passion and weathered some real upheavals in their life. And now is the ultimate testing time for their love and trust with each other, in each other.


Life sure dealt a mean curve ball with the arrival of Jace’s son, Gavin throwing Jace and Cat for a loop. Control, power and manipulation being the fodder for Angelica James, she is conniving and thrives on blackmail to circumvent situations and people for her own personal gain. But there is always an end to the madness and Cat does a fine job of putting an end to it, with sophistication and class!

“Forever Us” is so much more than a love story. It’s the continuous evolution of two people, who have immense trust in each other despite adverse situations. It is the story of two people who understand the importance of family, relationships and empathy. And it is the story of two beautiful people who believed in each other beyond any boundary, with immense love for each other, that gave them the courage and strength to go past the emotional bumps and insecurities.

Melanie Shawn does a fabulous job of drawing out the contrasting depths of various relationships. Relationships are bonded with heart and not just blood. And when you have your heart in the right place, adverse situations can make you very strong. With love, support and compassionate friends, Jace and Cat welcome their new life with Gavin – a perfect beginning of a new life!