I’ve followed Jennifer Berg from her first book in the Ready Series, “When You Are Ready”, and have been enthralled with stories. And from her first book to the latest in the series, “Ready Or Not”, has been journey of hard work, apprehension, learning, progress and maturity from experience.

“Ready Or Not” brings Olivia Quinn and Jackson Reid as neighbors turning into friends to making a future with each other.


Liv breaks away from her wealthy political family to stand on her two feet, independent and working for what her heart believes in. She becomes a counselor with stellar qualifications and leaves behind her trust funds and a past that was swallowed by politics and power. And her professional experience brings her up close and personal with Jackson and his teenage son.

Single father Jackson is starting a new life with his teenage son, Noah, in a new city. His tryst with his puberty raged son brings him face to face with Liv, who coincidentally happens to be his neighbor; a neighbor, who happens to be giving him sleepless nights and making his life a living hell of raging hormones.

Attraction flares, sparks fly, passion reaches its zenith and they fall in love with all their past failures and insecurities. As Liv’s past comes to light, Jackson is a solid rock supporting her. With Noah going through changes and Jackson trying to be a good father, Liv eases his fears and insecurities. Personally, Liv and Jackson are my favorites.

Jennifer Berg has done a brilliant job of penning Liv and Jackson. Her maturity in writing is so very evident with the depth of her characters. There is so much more importance given to the relationship among her friends, the unconditional love and support from Liv’s extended family, the clarity of emotions between Jackson and Liv, made this story so much more precious and pleasurable to read.