…. And oh yes, let’s not forget sizzling eroticism and some hot phone sex!!!!

I just can’t get over Erin Nicholas’s amazing penchant of perfect timing for humor and her fabulous narration of a billionaire caught in the cross-hairs of a sassy, hate-your-money, sweet, and in-your-face lady!!!

What Matters Most to billionaire Tony Steele is to get the girl of his dreams away from marrying his best friend. Whisking her away to Vegas, they paint the town red, leave footprints at various clubs, and in between the tequila shots and dancing, propose and marry her – all in a matter of few hours. Waking up to Mrs. Steele beside him and not remembering a single minute of their mind-blowing night takes Mr. Steele from between the sheets into a frying pan.


What Matters Most to Reese Chaplin is to get away from her cheating bridegroom and the altar, lose herself in Vegas and Tony Steele. A night of magic, dancing, drinks and guilt-free celebration of passion, love and a spur of the moment wedding in a chapel!!! And all that mattered for Reese was that she’s with the man she had harbored secret feelings of lust and love, until reality kicks her in the rear.

And now What Matters Most for Tony is to convince the woman he loves that she’s the one for him with all her sweetness, independence, sassiness and her hatred for money. And he needs to convince her that sometimes it’s perfectly all right to enjoy life, and go crazy despite being a billionaire.

Tony is an absolutely fabulous billionaire, smart, helpful and just plain simple at heart, trying very hard to get rid of his billions to woo his lady back. Reese is the ultra helpful social worker, always looking out for the downtrodden, trying to balance the money and the have-nots. Both, adorable, frustrating, stubborn and so in love with each other!

There is not one single thing that I can pinpoint and say is the best. In the second book in Erin Nicholas’s Billionaire Bargain Series, “What Matters Most”, is that it’s a sheer perfection of humor, love, passion, and wit between a couple trying to bring a balance to their life, despite the fear of skydiving into a future with each other.

Received an ARC from Samhain Publishing via Netgalley for an honest review.