I’ve read Stacy Finz before and she creates magic with her stories of hope and patience, love and support, and strong and courageous women, who have lost but learned to survive, and who have been hurt but moved forward with strength, with the love of their men who have given the women of their life, their hearts forever. The next in her Nugget Romance Series, “Finding Hope” is no exception to her talent.

Emily Mathews comes to the small town of Nugget, CA to start fresh, away from the pain of losing her daughter four years ago, and a fallen marriage. She hopes the beautiful mountains and the blue skies would help her rejuvenate and move forward even as she waits for any news about the kidnapping. She hopes that the vast lands of McCreedy Ranch and her passion for creating recipes and editing cooking books, would bring her some peace into her turmoil life that has been plaguing her. Although she never anticipated that the owner of MrCreedy Ranch, Clay McCreedy and his sons would play a pivotal part in her makeover.


Clay McCreedy’s been going through his own set of problems, trying to raise his two teenage sons, after his wife’s scandalous death. The arrival of Emily sure puts an unforeseeable bump in his daily life of running the ranch and dealing with the unresolved grief of his sons. Even as he sees Emily as a friend, she wheedles into his heart and jealousy and lust make him questions his intentions towards her. As she gets closer to his sons, and he’s drawn to her quiet understanding and strength, he admits his feelings of love and wanting to keep her with him forever.

As Clay and Emily explore the passion that ignites between them, as they disclose a past that had brought them to this point in their lives, the past rears its ugly head putting a wrench in their present. Stacy Finz did a beautiful job of exploring the feelings of two people hurt; the depth of layers under the skin of Clay and Emily was a treat to unravel, as they discover themselves with each other. The passion was sublime, the narration was charismatic and Clay and Emily are two amazing people, with the support of the charming and caring residents of Nugget, find their future filled with hope and love.

And I adore Stacy Finz just for giving one of the most beautiful and poignant beginnings of a future I’ve ever read, even as it brings to rest “Finding Hope”.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books via Netgalley for an honest review.