Silver James is another first time author for me, and “Cowgirls Don’ t Cry” (Red Dirt Royalty Series) sure caught my attention. An emotional ride into the cowboy country, one sassy and tenacious cowgirl lassoing a rich cowboy turned attorney, was one hot bumpy gallop into the romantic sunset.


Cassidy Morgan is reeling under the death of her father, a father she had not seen for a year, a father that she believed was disappointed in her choice of life, and a father who lover her death and wanted to give her a legacy to move forward. And that very legacy is now threatened for foreclosure by an avenging gazillionaire, with an old debt to be settled with her father. Chance meeting with Chance Barron, has Cassidy losing her heart before she comes to know his true identity and Cassidy has only herself to rely on to take care of mess.

As the son of the said gazillionaire, and attorney, Chance Barron sees Cassidy by chance and is enthralled by her. He falls hard and fast and furious for Cassidy. But when the nasty reality of what his father wants to accomplish hits him, he refuses to heed his father’s warnings and betray the woman he has fallen in love with. But can he withstand the onslaught of his father’s rage and loss?

This is one fast paced ride as the courageous and smart Cassidy thinks outside the box to solve her problems, and a sexy and super smart attorney making sure he paves the way for the love of his life to win the war. Chance is one imperfect guy who is torn between the father and his ladylove, loyalty and love, right and wrong, and is smart enough to make the right decision when the time came. Cassidy is just an amazing firecracker of a cowgirl who never calls it quits and makes her father proud by taking care of the ones that matter in life and saving the ranch.

A definite great read and a definite encore of Silver James in my future reading list

Received an ARC from Harlequin Desire via Netgalley for an honest review.