Women can be idols of strength, courage and tenacity. When encountered with worst of situations, they either come back kicking butt or let the circumstances make them a victim.

And Mia Zabrinski definitely fought back not to become a victim of cancer and she had succeeded. But her fight with cancer was a costly survival as she’s lost her marriage and is now trying to rebuild a relationship with her teenage children. Moving back to Marietta, Montana and building a house on the land that was given to her by her ex-husband supposedly is the plan to start a new life. But that gets tossed out as she discovers a squatter on her land, claiming the land to be his.


Ryker Benson is back in Marietta, camping on his land as he comes to terms with the death of his fiancée and his unborn child. Coming back to his roots to decide the next step of his life goes awry as he comes face to face with Mia and he gets punched in the heart. Not to mention, his land is in a legal mess as Mia claims to have the deed for it. A renowned photographer and well travelled, Mia freezes all his thoughts, as he can’t control his feelings for her.

“Montana Darling” is a courageous story of a woman trying to find herself and be peace with her surgically acquired body. This is a charming story of a man who loves a woman unconditionally and wanting to help her find her inner beauty and confidence. This is an emotional story of a couple as they battle past pain and insecurities, to make a future with each other. And this is a charming story of a wonderful family, supporting, encouraging and motivating each other with patience, understanding and love.

Debra Salonen does a fine job of etching Mia and Ryker full of warmth, love and understanding as they deal with their emotions for each other and the chance they take with each other. Ryker was just the sweetest and most understanding man a person can fall in love with, and Mia as a cancer survivor and mother is just the perfect half of Ryker with her energy, positivity and zest.

A charmingly sweet read!

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via Netgalley for an honest review.