New author and her new series! Stacy McKitrick and her Ghostly Encounters!!!! And what an entertaining start it is for her series with her first book “Ghostly Liaison”.

Charlie is dead and leaves her home to her brother Rob, except that Charlie suddenly realizes that she is stuck between the worlds of life and death and there’s absolutely no one to help her. Rob on the other hand is busy trying to keep his inherited construction business running and has no time to fix his sister’s house to be sold, and neither does he have time to pay attention to the weird happenings in that house, as recited by Charlie’s neighbor.


Enters Bridget with a determination to make her life independent of her parents and a past that had left way too many scars to forget and move on. And as if the pain and trauma of her past is not enough, people, of the ghostly kind, now dog her. A chance encounter with Rob lands Bridget in Charlie’s house as the house sitter. And of course Charlie is just ecstatic that Bridget can see, talk and feel her and Bridget is her only hope to get to the bottom of her death.

As sad as it is that Charlie is dead, this is just such an entertaining story. Reminds me Casper, the warm and friendly ghost trying to do the right thing and make the best of the situation. As Bridget tries to help Charlie, Rob slowly starts falling in love with Bridget, and things sure take a deadly turn before they get better.

To be honest, I had no expectations of the book, but the story went beyond my expectations. It was one of the most engaging and delightful reads of a new author I’ve read in recent times. Charlie as the ghost was just sassy, hilarious and frustrating. Rob as the ever-protecting guy totally smitten by Bridget, and coming to terms with the death of his sister, was just a great lovable guy. And Bridget, with her dainty demeanor is one brave lady trying to help the ones only she can see, as well as tenacious to get to the bottom of the truth.

“Ghostly Liaison” is a surprise package of love and understanding, an engaging read of humor and wit, an emotional ride of pain and guilt, and an appealing journey of two people trying to find their way to each other with the blessings of the resident ghost.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books via Netgalley for an honest review.