It’s wonderful reconnecting with Lisa Marie Rice and her books. Somewhere along the long stream of books, the Midnight Series has become the witching act. So going back to the handsome, sexy and all alpha protective soldiers was such a sweet reunion.

“Midnight Promises” brings Felicity Ward and Sean Aiden “Metal” O’Brien together under the roof Lauren. Felicity arrives in Portland, OR to surprise Lauren, her virtual “Runner”, and ends up being cut open by a secret past, the minute she lands in Portland. With her life hanging in the balance and her extreme smartness at its peak, she literally falls into the hands of Metal at Lauren’s doorstep.


The minute Metal holds Felicity in his hands, his protective instincts kick into high gear along with feelings of possessiveness and lust. As he helps Felicity heal at his home, he falls for the Russian beauty, mind, body and soul. Felicity is drawn to Metal and for the first time she lets her guard down and actually opens her heart to love, support and friendship.

With an unknown danger lurking in the shadows, Metal and Felicity try to unravel the history behind her parents’ defection to the US and the reason KGB has targeted her. With the help of the Metal’s security company and their members, they race against time to save the lives of the innocent, and put and end to the evil nuclear threat.

Metal and Felicity are just an adorable couple and are my favorites of the series so far. There is calmness in them even as the chemistry sizzles between them. They have an understanding and trust between them, even as they put their lives at risk to save the innocent. And they have a wealth of love and passion between that would last a lifetime.

Fast paced, compelling and a passionate love story, “Midnight Promises” delivers the punch!

Received an ARC from Carina Press via NetGalley for an honest review.