The Aegis Series by Elisabeth Naughton just keeps getting bolder, deadlier and sizzling, lethal combinations to readers like me. The second book in the series “Lethal Consequences” is another adrenaline ride of danger, terror and a love that fights to the very end.

Three months after being rescued by Aegis and her sister, Olivia Wolfe can’t forget Landon Miller and his protective blanket that enveloped her. From being a reserved schoolteacher, she suddenly takes off to Barcelona on a whim to be with Landon. They have kept in touch the past three months, and she cannot get him out of her system and she does want to explore that relationship with him.LethalConsequences-Aegis2-ElisabethNaughton-Jan 2015

Landon Miller’s days as an Aegis operative are numbered, as he is headed back to DIA. The sudden appearance of Olivia at his hotel throws him for a loop. Unfortunately the circumstances lead to Olivia storming out, and from that moment on things go from bad to ugly in seconds. A past op catches up with Landon, and Olivia gets in the crosshairs of a deadly terrorist group trying to get information about bioweapons.

And the chase is on as Landon and Olivia beat odds to keep breathing as Aegis steps in to recover them. But the danger refuses to leave them, and in the midst of life threatening situation, the spark of love and lust ignites the passion into full-blown fireworks. As they race to find the antidote to the deadly bioweapon, Landon and Olivia need to believe in the power of love to save their present to make a future with each other.

Elisabeth Naughton is a fabulous writer of romantic suspense, and “Lethal Consequences” is just another testimony of her writing prowess. Landon and Olivia make daunting partners as they battle death and an endearing couple as they succumb to the love that they have been fighting.

Fast, gritty, heart pumping and definitely lethal!!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.