Another first of reading a new Australian writer/author, Victoria Purman, and book four of the series Hot Aussie Heroes, “The Millionaire” is a short and a good one time read.


Chris Malone is a world famous photographer and is on vacation incognito or so he thinks. Tired of the travelling all over the planet, photographing the horrors of the world and living out of suitcases, hotels and camps has taken a toll on Chris and all he wants to do recuperate and stay away from the eyes of the public, even if it means to be a total ass about it.

Journalist Ellie Flannery sees Chris Malone her idol on a lonely beach and takes the chance to request his help for her fundraiser. Unfortunately idols can be idiots in real life! Chris refuses and the incident goes viral. What starts of as damage control, leads to Chris enjoying Ellie and her joy for life. And Ellie soon sees the generous and broken man underneath his touch exterior, and she wants to spend her life with him.

Short and nice, “The Millionaire” is an appealing read as it takes you on the ride along with Ellie and Chris, as they try to get past insecurities and make a future with each other. Ellie with some past inflicted pain is a bounty of positivity and a heart of gold, always wanting to help someone. Chris as the millionaire and wanting put roots with Ellie, and have the whole family deal is endearing.

Victoria Purman did a fine job with Ellie and Chris and the story had enough love, emotions and good narration to keep you reading her works.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.