Talk of a book that really stands out!!! And talk of an author I’ve read for the first time, and am enthralled by her narration. Emily March will be one of the regular authors of my list – her Eternity Springs Novel; “Teardrop Lane” is a brilliant love story of two wonderful people who never believed that they would end up with a life with each other, along with a readymade family.

Dr. Rose Anderson as the town physician, is used to taking care of people and caring for things that happen, always with a smile and a kind word, despite enduring a past that had left scars; scars and heartbreak that keeps her away from marriage and children. But fate seems to have a different path for her, a path with the sexy artist Hunt Cicero making her pulse hum and heart beat with hope.


The bachelor days for Hunt Cicero seem to have ended when he’s trusted with the guardianship of his sister’s children. With not a maternal bone in his body, when Rose gets entwined into his life, he needs to take a step back and evaluate his issues of commitment and making room for a readymade family.

This is just not a love story of Hunt and Rose and their happily eve after. “Teardrop Lane” is a story of adults and children reconciling to traumatic events that have brought them together. It is the story of a town that watches for their own and support through hard times. It is the story of two wonderful people going through the joys of finding love, of gaining some and losing some, of relationships and family support and rising above frightening situations with faith and hope.

“Teardrop Lane” emphasizes the strength of trust, love and belief as Hunt and Rose walk with each other, trying to make a future with each other. Emily March does an outstanding job with Hunt and Rose, with so many layers to their characters, discovering their own depth of courage, understanding and patience, as they face each day, pealing one layer at a time.

Received an ARC from Random Publishing House Group – Ballantine via NetGalley for an honest review.