One obsessive man will kill to have her. Another man will kill to protect her!!! That is the whole crux of Cynthia Eden’s book 2 “Want Me”, in the Dark Obsession Series.

Sophie Sarantos is a kick-ass defense lawyer, defending the innocent, and maybe the bad men according to some. But she is a force to reckon with, yet behind closed doors of her heart, hides intense pain and nightmares that keep men at bay. As much as she thrives on walking the edge of danger, she never lets any man get close to her heart. Yet she has no control of her mind, body and soul when she hires Lex Jensen to protect her from a stalker.


Lex Jensen is part owner of VJS Securities, along with his childhood friends Chance and Dev. From the moment he saved her from being killed by gas at home, it was instant attraction, and time only deepened those feelings into intense desire and love. And he is determined to protect Sophie from an obsessive stalker, and there’s no way anyone would lay a finger on her, on his watch.

With dark secrets dogging both Sophie and Lex, their passion for each other set fire between the sheets, and their desire to possess each other only fuels the stalker to go to the next level of leaving dead bodies in the wake of his rage and obsession.

The Dark Obsession Series will be enjoyed more if it’s read in sequence (my personal opinion), to follow the story and the recurring characters. Mind you that there are no cliffhangers in any of the books, but the story starts with “Watch Me”, and you will get introduced to Sophie and Lex

“Want Me” is another intoxicatingly dark love story where the obsession of a stalker crosses path with an equally obsessive protective lover.

Received an ARC from Hocus Pocus Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.