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Seems like forever I read Cynthia Eden, but it’s been only a few weeks ago I read her Purgatory Series, and now the latest in her “Dark Obsession” Series leaves me in the wake of a passion that refuses to die and a past that threatens to defy the very existence of Ethan Barclay and Carly Shay.

BewareOfMe-CynthiaEdenCarly Shay has been through a horrific trauma and has come out on the other side, but lost the love of her life Ethan Barclay to evils of the world. Yet when he comes face to face with her, there is no denying the passion that exists between them or the revenge of a past that haunts them to death. Ethan will lay his life down for Carly and Carly will go through hell to save Ethan from destroying himself. Two lives tied by death and an obsessed killer wanting blood to avenge his demons – adrenaline pumping and spine chilling!

Cynthia Eden leaves no room to take a breath as she continues the saga of the Dark Obsession series. Bringing back the kick-ass characters from her past stories to laying the foundation for another kick-ass story, only adds more sizzle and fire to an already intoxicating story of lust and revenge.

Received an ARC from Hocus Pocus Publishing Inc. via NetGalley for an honest review.

Need Me – Secrets Can Kill!

Cynthia Eden’s third installment in the Dark Obsession Series, “Need Me” is another adrenaline pumping ride of suspense and passion as death stalks the shadows as love and trust get caught in the crossfire of a killer wanting to hide secrets.

Julianna Smith is accused of murdering her abusive husband, a murder that she has no recollection of. With a trial looming in the horizon and all evidence pointing to her as the killer, Julianna is desperate for someone to believe in her and gets a friend and an attorney in the kick-ass attorney Sophie. With a feeling of being watched all the time and a fear for her life, Julianna ends up in the offices of VJS Protection seeking their services to protect her life.


Devlin Shade has been drawn to Julianna since the first time he lays eyes on her, and he knows getting involved with an alleged murderer is not in his agenda. Walking a thin line between truth and lies, Devlin can’t keep his lust and passion for Julianna on a reign and all that matters to him is to keep her safe, at any cost, even if he has to enter her dangerous world where secrets are worth taking lives.

As the line between right and wrong get blurred with love and need, Julianna and Devlin, test the power of their intense attraction. As they erase the boundaries between them, they set fire between the sheets, igniting a rage in the killer stalking Julianna. As secrets tear open and the killer gets closer to his goal, Julianna and Devlin need to trust each other with their lives to stay alive.

“Need Me” is a super charged passionate romantic suspense and Cynthia Eden keeps us on the edge of our seats with its many twists. Eden is a prowess at writing cutting edge thrillers with characters on the edge of obsession good or bad and an insane measure of love and lust that sees no boundaries.

Reading it stand-alone is great, but reading the first two in the series “Watch Me” (Book 1) and “Want Me” (Book 2)…is pure pleasure of contentment!

Received an ARC from Hocus Pocus Publishing Inc via NetGalley for an honest review.

One obsessive man will kill to have her. Another man will kill to protect her!!! That is the whole crux of Cynthia Eden’s book 2 “Want Me”, in the Dark Obsession Series.

Sophie Sarantos is a kick-ass defense lawyer, defending the innocent, and maybe the bad men according to some. But she is a force to reckon with, yet behind closed doors of her heart, hides intense pain and nightmares that keep men at bay. As much as she thrives on walking the edge of danger, she never lets any man get close to her heart. Yet she has no control of her mind, body and soul when she hires Lex Jensen to protect her from a stalker.


Lex Jensen is part owner of VJS Securities, along with his childhood friends Chance and Dev. From the moment he saved her from being killed by gas at home, it was instant attraction, and time only deepened those feelings into intense desire and love. And he is determined to protect Sophie from an obsessive stalker, and there’s no way anyone would lay a finger on her, on his watch.

With dark secrets dogging both Sophie and Lex, their passion for each other set fire between the sheets, and their desire to possess each other only fuels the stalker to go to the next level of leaving dead bodies in the wake of his rage and obsession.

The Dark Obsession Series will be enjoyed more if it’s read in sequence (my personal opinion), to follow the story and the recurring characters. Mind you that there are no cliffhangers in any of the books, but the story starts with “Watch Me”, and you will get introduced to Sophie and Lex

“Want Me” is another intoxicatingly dark love story where the obsession of a stalker crosses path with an equally obsessive protective lover.

Received an ARC from Hocus Pocus Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

Cynthia Eden is one of those writers churning intense, intoxicating, dark and soul consuming stories in her sleep!!!! She never ceases to amaze me with her fascinating paranormal or hot alpha males totally obsessive of their ladies, walking on the wild side.

Her new series “Dark Obsession” is a trilogy surrounding three bodyguards and their intense passion and consuming love for their mates. Guarding 24/7 and close proximity only deepens their desire.


“Watch Me” champions the trilogy, with Chance Valentine trying very, very hard to stay away from his obsession Gwen Hawthorne. Working for her Senator Father as security, brought him close to Gwen, and his consuming desire and professionalism takes him away from Gwen before he loses himself in her.

But fate is not done taking a chance with Chance, and when Gwen’s life is in danger, he gets hired by the Senator to guard his daughter. A proximity that brings to fore all his love and passion for Gwen and a desire that refuses to bite the dust. As Chance and Gwen ignite their passion for each other and set fire to their love, a killer is lurking in the shadows, threatening Gwen and bringing a past to collide with the present.

It never ceases to amaze me no matter how short or long her stories are, she never compromises on the depth of the characters. Short or long her stories always leave me with an orgasmic satisfaction ;). Cynthia Eden skillfully takes her readers on a seductive and sensual ride into the dark obsession and leaves them panting for more!!!

Look out for “Want Me” in January 2015 and “Need Me” on February 2015

Received an ARC from Hocus Pocus Publishing Inc via Netgalley for an honest review

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