Seems like forever I read Cynthia Eden, but it’s been only a few weeks ago I read her Purgatory Series, and now the latest in her “Dark Obsession” Series leaves me in the wake of a passion that refuses to die and a past that threatens to defy the very existence of Ethan Barclay and Carly Shay.

BewareOfMe-CynthiaEdenCarly Shay has been through a horrific trauma and has come out on the other side, but lost the love of her life Ethan Barclay to evils of the world. Yet when he comes face to face with her, there is no denying the passion that exists between them or the revenge of a past that haunts them to death. Ethan will lay his life down for Carly and Carly will go through hell to save Ethan from destroying himself. Two lives tied by death and an obsessed killer wanting blood to avenge his demons – adrenaline pumping and spine chilling!

Cynthia Eden leaves no room to take a breath as she continues the saga of the Dark Obsession series. Bringing back the kick-ass characters from her past stories to laying the foundation for another kick-ass story, only adds more sizzle and fire to an already intoxicating story of lust and revenge.

Received an ARC from Hocus Pocus Publishing Inc. via NetGalley for an honest review.