The Dark Kings of the Realm never cease to entice us, dazzle us or scorch us with their desire to save the innocent, their passion for their intended mates and fight for peace within the various clans.


Warrick is the next in line in her latest release, “Soul Scorched”, to get burned by the passion and love of Darcy, with her powerful magic as a druid. Love and revenge has no boundaries as Warrick and the Dark Kings want to save the innocent and Ulrik wants to sate the revenge burning in his heart. And Darcy gets right into the middle of this eternal battle of love and revenge as Warrick draws her in with his love, and Ulrik wants Darcy to unleash his magic, for him to become the powerful Dragon King he was once.

Love, revenge and magic bring out the dark evil with Darcy’s life on line, and Warrick will go against his King to save Darcy and make her his mate. As I always maintain, Donna Grant can’t go wrong writing these amazing love stories of the Dark Kings, filled with good and evil, power and courage, betrayal and compassion. Each story is an embodiment of her creative prowess and I sure hope we get to see Rhi getting her own closure with her mysterious Dragon King lover.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.