The synopsis sounded great, the cover was romantic, unfortunately the story lacked depth and character. The second book in The Palmera Royals, “The Royal Affair” is lackluster in its narration and failed to dazzle me with its royalty.


The premise of the story is actually really good. A royal princess with beauty and charm, Marina Palmera is smart, independent and super successful running her own thriving horse racing business. She falls in love with the successful horse whisperer Jonas Wilder but circumstances break them apart. And now fate brings them back together for a second chance.

As good as the story line may be, if the characters are not developed properly, it’s hard for a reader to relate to them or be with them. For all their success and individuality, I just couldn’t relate to Jonas and Marina or the way the story developed or was narrated. Neither was I very impressed with the journey to their happily ever after.

But I definitely believe Jane Beckenham has lot of potential and I hope with every book, she reaches success. With good grasp of language and creativity, it is only a matter of time for her to become a good writer, and I may circulate back to her.

Received an ARC from Samhain Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.