Cynthia Eden’s third installment in the Dark Obsession Series, “Need Me” is another adrenaline pumping ride of suspense and passion as death stalks the shadows as love and trust get caught in the crossfire of a killer wanting to hide secrets.

Julianna Smith is accused of murdering her abusive husband, a murder that she has no recollection of. With a trial looming in the horizon and all evidence pointing to her as the killer, Julianna is desperate for someone to believe in her and gets a friend and an attorney in the kick-ass attorney Sophie. With a feeling of being watched all the time and a fear for her life, Julianna ends up in the offices of VJS Protection seeking their services to protect her life.


Devlin Shade has been drawn to Julianna since the first time he lays eyes on her, and he knows getting involved with an alleged murderer is not in his agenda. Walking a thin line between truth and lies, Devlin can’t keep his lust and passion for Julianna on a reign and all that matters to him is to keep her safe, at any cost, even if he has to enter her dangerous world where secrets are worth taking lives.

As the line between right and wrong get blurred with love and need, Julianna and Devlin, test the power of their intense attraction. As they erase the boundaries between them, they set fire between the sheets, igniting a rage in the killer stalking Julianna. As secrets tear open and the killer gets closer to his goal, Julianna and Devlin need to trust each other with their lives to stay alive.

“Need Me” is a super charged passionate romantic suspense and Cynthia Eden keeps us on the edge of our seats with its many twists. Eden is a prowess at writing cutting edge thrillers with characters on the edge of obsession good or bad and an insane measure of love and lust that sees no boundaries.

Reading it stand-alone is great, but reading the first two in the series “Watch Me” (Book 1) and “Want Me” (Book 2)…is pure pleasure of contentment!

Received an ARC from Hocus Pocus Publishing Inc via NetGalley for an honest review.