I may be biased, I may be in adoration of Violet Duke and maybe it is just ‘finding-the-right-author’ to read. Whatever may be the case; there is no denying the fact that Violet Duke is a brilliant writer of romance. She has tons of positivity that spills into her stories, her zeal and zest for life creates amazing love stories, her wicked sense of humor has her pages reeling in laughter, and there is no dearth of pain and hurt in her stories that makes her readers laugh, cry, and do crazy cartwheels with her narration.


‘Finding The Right Girl’ (Can’t Resist Series, Book 4) is another of her love stories that gives Brian Sullivan his happily ever after. Brian Sullivan is one of the most admirable and fun-loving characters I’ve read so far. Having lost his wife early in life and his best friend to his brother in marriage, he still focuses on living life on his terms, and yet taking care of his daughter. Loyal, supportive and trusting is what Brian encompasses, and adding family values and his respect for people just makes him one of the most kind-hearted persons.

Wanting to have some fun, he hooks up with Tessa to have the fling of his life. Tessa matches Brian with her love for life and positive attitude and she is not immune to pain and loss either. But wanting to fling with Brian Sullivan is one of the most spontaneous things she has done, and boy does she wonder about her decision a hundred times. Their acquaintance turns into friendship into lovers and looks like Brian may have found the right girl to make a future. Then again nothing comes easy in life and we have to go through the bumps and speed-breakers that fate loves to throw at us, before it softens the ride…. for a lifetime…imperfectly perfect!

‘Finding The Right Girl’ is a beautiful, beautiful love story of second chances. It is a charismatic story that tests love and trust in trying times. It is a passionate love story of kind people, unconditional support and family values. And it is a wonderful read of people who are willing to give to others with open hearts!