Welcome to land of the Montgomerys!!!!! Arrogant, rich, loving, charismatic, sometimes idiotic when their women are in sight, but damn sexy to the boot. I love them and for me they sail in the same boat as the Sullivans of Bella Andre or the Sloans of Melanie Shaw.

It’s wonderful reading Samantha Chase’s Montgomery Brothers Series after a long hiatus with ‘Return To You’ (Book 4). I missed the aristocrat and meddling William Montgomery along with his brother J It’s such a warm and comforting feeling to have a family that loves and supports unconditionally and manipulates and meddles unconditionally.

Selena Ainsley is manipulated into planning their high school reunion and ends up coming home to North Carolina from Long Island. A home that she had left behind yet the memories and pain of a past still haunt her and so does the young boy who stole her heart all those years ago. Circumstances send her away from her home and James Montgomery, but motivation and sheer grit motivates her into becoming a successful business owner and now fate and William Montgomery play the catalyst in bringing James and Selena face to face.


James Montgomery had left behind a passion as a landscaper and all the riches to become a detective fighting for justice, a very personal decision that was born out of a painful past. Successful, hardworking and loyal to his job, nothing catches him off guard than coming face to face with Selena, the one and only girl who stole his heart. He has questions and Selena is the only one with answers. The past still hurts him enough and Selena is the only balm to take away the pain of betrayal.

Ten years of separation slips away as the desire between them stokes the suppressed love. Pain and betrayal fade away as they succumb to the passion that sizzles between them. But they have ten years of hurt, unanswered questions and a small matter called trust, that needs to be taken care of, before they can dream of a future with each other…. finally!

And what a fabulous ending Samantha gives James and Selena as they return to each other, for a new beginning! She brings back the glory of the Montgomerys with James and Selena, perfect for each other characterized with all normal human failings.

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review.