The saga of the dragons and the darkness that they tend to live with continues in Katie Reus’s Darkness Series with “Beyond The Darkness”, another intense and passionate love story as Keelin tries to stay away from mating the sexy and alpha demon Bran Devlin.

Coming out of a forced hibernation spanning centuries, Keelin Petronilla has a lot of catching up to do with the changes in the society. Wanting to guard this precious freedom, she moves away from her clan to stay with the wolf pack under Stravos leadership. Tending bar for a half demon-god, new friends and a lifestyle on her own terms is what she loves and woes never to be controlled by anyone, be it the alpha Bran Devlin.


Former special-ops, Bran Devlin is the leader of a powerful dragon pack, and his search for the evil targeting young female demons brings him to the Stravos community as well as reunites him with his intended mate Keelin. A mate who refuses to give up her freedom, yet wants to test the boundaries of the passion that sparks between them, on her own terms.

But as an unknown enemy targets Keelin and with repeated attempts on her life, Devlin is not leaving anything to chance, and he would protect his mate until his last breath. As Devlin and Keeling lose themselves in the throes of their passion, the evil is fast getting too close to home.

Katie Reus is a versatile writer and there is no lack of imagination and creativity as she weaves amazing stories of paranormal or contemporary romance or dark passionate thriller!!! Her characters are created with brilliant clarity of courage and personality, loyal and honest, independent and commanding and charismatic and magnetic.

“Beyond The Darkness” is another fiery ride of intense passion and love, danger and death and valor and leadership

Received an ARC from KR Press, LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.