Samantha Young has been on my ‘To-Be-Read’ list for the longest and finally I debuted her writing with her latest “Hero”. Beyond expectation, impressive and engrossing, that I actually read it back to back.

Alexa Holland is an executive assistant to a famous photographer, a job that is jeopardized when Caine Carraway happens to be an assignment gone wrong. With a past that left her life in lies and pain, Alexa steers off her family legacy and makes her own life. But Caine is a part of those very lies and betrayal that had left him an orphan and now is a successful and rich businessman, through sheer determination, hard work and tenacity.

Hero-SamanthaChase-Feb 2015

Fate puts Alexa in Caine’s office as his assistant and sparks flare taking them on a ride of lust and passion. A lust that frightens Caine of the consequences of it, and a passion that turns into love for Alexa. But Alexa’s past becomes a threat to her life, and Caine’s secret may drive a wedge into their romance.

Caine Carraway as the tenacious and sullen millionaire with a soft heart and empathy was a treat to unravel. As much as he wants to keep Alexa away, he is driven towards her with a passion and love beyond his soul. Alexa is just this simple and beautiful human being, who looks for the good in all, despite being estranged from her family, is positive and has a sunny disposition, and in-spite of the pain her family brought to her front door, is determined to live her life on her terms and believes in love and family.

Spunky, witty, adorable and utterly sexy, she makes life a living hell working closely with him, as Caine tries to resist her. All alpha, rude, snobby and utterly charming, Caine falls head over heels for Alexa who brings out his protective instincts and love to the fore.

Samantha Young does a fabulous job etching Caine and Alexa, building a great story that is entreating, enticing and exciting and will remain with me as one of my favorites.

“Hero” is a definite winner for me!

Received an ARC from Penguin Group Berkley, NAL/Signet Romance DAW via NetGalley for an honest review.