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I haven’t read the “On Dublin Street” series, but have a couple of them in my library to be read. So “Moonlight On Nightingale Way” is the first read for me. The beauty is that it can be read stand-alone and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I believe this is the last in the series. And Samantha Young did what she’s so good at, an engrossing and captivating love story for Logan and Grace.


Logan is trying to build back his life after a stint in prison, and Grace made sure she has miles of distance between her and her manipulative family. They end up as neighbors and the first sight and talk doesn’t go well between them. Yet there are sparks and instant chemistry. But the past brings a daughter into Logan’s life and turns it upside down and Grace unwittingly ends up in the equation.

“Moonlight On Nightingale Way” is a captivating read as Logan and Grace try to get past the shadows of the dark. It is a wonderful story of two people standing for what they believe in, that relations are necessarily not made through blood, but can be bond with a heart. With friends and siblings to support, and the promise of a future that can be made, Logan and Grace stand united as Grace finally stands up to her family and Logan becomes a caring and endearing father to his daughter.

Samantha Young weaves an emotional story of friendship and support, insecurities and fears, and the strength of love.

Received an ARC from Penguin Group Berkley, NAL/Signet Romance DAW via NetGalley for an honest review.

“The Sound Of Glass” by Karen White is one of the most brilliant books I’ve read in recent history, and I do read, a lot! Deep in mystery, rich in emotions, brimming with secrets, “The Sound Of Glass” will take you on a journey of abuse, courage and the pain of loss as it explores the relationships of four individuals in a kaleidoscope of colors, as they try to understand each other.

Merritt comes to Beaufort, SC when she inherits her dead husband Cal’s ancestral home. And right on her heels, her young stepmother Loralee and her ten-year old stepbrother Owen, she’s never met in her life end up on her doorstep. And she also inherits the Cal’s brother Gibbs and a family steeped in secrets that she’s never heard of.


As these unsuspecting characters converge under a single roof, what we get is an amazing story of insecurities, pain, loss and fear. As Merritt, Loralee and Owen try to bond, the mystery surrounding Cal and his grandmother, gets deeper and deeper. As Merritt gets to shed her inhibitions, Gibbs is right there to support and encourage her to grieve without guilt. As Loralee goes on a path of no return, she leads Merritt on a path of self-realization, acceptance and a life that should be lived like there’s no tomorrow. As Merritt tries to leave the glass house, Owen teaches her the nuances innocence, love of siblings and the bond that makes a family.

“The Sound Of Glass” should be read to understand the characters, the depth of relationships, and the power of fear, forgiveness and acceptance. Words do not do justice to this book and you feel the impact of the story only when read. This is no edge of the seat, adrenaline pumping, steamy story, but true to the value of family, ethics and the consequences of secrets within a family and them impact it has on its members and the ones that follow.

I’ve never read Karen White before, but this is a brilliant start for me. She does a stupendous job of keeping the narration tight to the minutest of detail, interchanging between decades yet keeping the story tight. The progression of relationship between Merritt and Loralee should be read, to enjoy them to the fullest. This is one fictional relationship that will stay with me forever!

Received an ARC from Penguin Group Berkeley NA via Netgalley for an honest review.

Jill Shalvis is “Still The One”!!!!

As much as I enjoyed her Lucky Harbor Series (so sad to see that series end), her Animal Magnetism Series is no less captivating, entreating and utterly passionate as the two-legged variety steal hearts along with the four-legged ones.

Almost losing her life in an accident, Darcy Stone is able to stand on her two feet through sheer grit, courage and immense support from her family and friends. And all through her recovery and intense therapy AJ Colten has been one of her steady constants as her physical therapist and a person of interest of her heart. She may have convinced her mind to keep her feelings under wraps, but her heart is all together another matter and working with AJ daily doesn’t make it any easy.

StillTheOne-AnimalMagnetism6-Apr 2015

For AJ, Darcy is the woman. Intense feelings and love may have crowded his heart, but the past pain of breaking off a long-term relationship with his war partner has him staying away from acting on his feelings for Darcy. Losing Darcy is not an option, yet the fear of insecurities of physical scars and emotional weakness keeps him a few feet away from Darcy.

And fate throws them together on a trip that is important to AJ as he needs to secure grants to help his patients and Darcy is the living and breathing evidence of his hard work and the difference he can make in a patient’s life. Circumstances reel them in as a couple and the lingering embers of attraction burst into flames of passion and desire that consumes them both.

Darcy is one of the bravest and sassy heroines of Jill’s series. Warm and open hearted, kind and helpful she would do anything to keep her pet project of helping S&R dogs find new homes. Former war veteran and widely popular AJ is just as lovable as all her other heroes. And together they are magnetic, charming and utterly delicious.

With emotions riding high, love and desire overtaking insecurities and pain, with loads of support, wit and family meddling thrown into the pot, “Still The One” is another highly entertaining, delicious and mouthwatering offering from Jill Shalvis.

Received an ARC from Penguin Group Berkley, NAL/Signet Romance DAW via NetGalley for an honest review.

Hero – A Definite Winner!!!

Samantha Young has been on my ‘To-Be-Read’ list for the longest and finally I debuted her writing with her latest “Hero”. Beyond expectation, impressive and engrossing, that I actually read it back to back.

Alexa Holland is an executive assistant to a famous photographer, a job that is jeopardized when Caine Carraway happens to be an assignment gone wrong. With a past that left her life in lies and pain, Alexa steers off her family legacy and makes her own life. But Caine is a part of those very lies and betrayal that had left him an orphan and now is a successful and rich businessman, through sheer determination, hard work and tenacity.

Hero-SamanthaChase-Feb 2015

Fate puts Alexa in Caine’s office as his assistant and sparks flare taking them on a ride of lust and passion. A lust that frightens Caine of the consequences of it, and a passion that turns into love for Alexa. But Alexa’s past becomes a threat to her life, and Caine’s secret may drive a wedge into their romance.

Caine Carraway as the tenacious and sullen millionaire with a soft heart and empathy was a treat to unravel. As much as he wants to keep Alexa away, he is driven towards her with a passion and love beyond his soul. Alexa is just this simple and beautiful human being, who looks for the good in all, despite being estranged from her family, is positive and has a sunny disposition, and in-spite of the pain her family brought to her front door, is determined to live her life on her terms and believes in love and family.

Spunky, witty, adorable and utterly sexy, she makes life a living hell working closely with him, as Caine tries to resist her. All alpha, rude, snobby and utterly charming, Caine falls head over heels for Alexa who brings out his protective instincts and love to the fore.

Samantha Young does a fabulous job etching Caine and Alexa, building a great story that is entreating, enticing and exciting and will remain with me as one of my favorites.

“Hero” is a definite winner for me!

Received an ARC from Penguin Group Berkley, NAL/Signet Romance DAW via NetGalley for an honest review.

It’s funny how sometimes I read new authors, like them, but don’t go back to them (not by choice), and suddenly realize, I’ve read this author before, and liked her books. Jeannie Moon did not ring a bell until I started reading “The Second Chance Hero”, and realized the secondary characters sounded so familiar. One click and was able to connect the dots to her first two books in the “A Forever Love Story Series” (The Temporary Wife, Unexpectedly Yours, The Wedding Secret), and the third yet to read is now in my ‘to be read’ pile.

I loved her first two books, and remember re-reading them a few times and this book is no exception. Combat nurse Kim Torres has seen a lot of horrible things in the war torn region of Afghanistan, but nothing is more terrible than having her fiancé die in her arms. That day also brings to light the reality of their relationship, and Kim leaves the service to lick her wounds and get a grip on her life. Now she works as a nanny to a little girl and is trying to put the pieces of her life together.


Major Owen Kent was the commander of Kim’s fiancée and the day she collapses against him is the day Owen could not keep Kim away from his thoughts. Coming home from deployment and getting back into the grove of been a CIO of his wealthy software company founded with his friends, keeps him pretty busy. They say it is a small world and a chance meeting with Kim, as she works for Harper and Kevin, is not something to put aside. Not believing in coincidences, he hopes to convince Kim of his love to her.

With some family interference and friends’ support, as some secrets come into light, Owen and Kim try to put their past pain behind them for a new future. “A Second Chance Hero” is another great story from Jeannie Moon’s basket brimming with romance, love, friendship and trust.

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