Jill Shalvis is “Still The One”!!!!

As much as I enjoyed her Lucky Harbor Series (so sad to see that series end), her Animal Magnetism Series is no less captivating, entreating and utterly passionate as the two-legged variety steal hearts along with the four-legged ones.

Almost losing her life in an accident, Darcy Stone is able to stand on her two feet through sheer grit, courage and immense support from her family and friends. And all through her recovery and intense therapy AJ Colten has been one of her steady constants as her physical therapist and a person of interest of her heart. She may have convinced her mind to keep her feelings under wraps, but her heart is all together another matter and working with AJ daily doesn’t make it any easy.

StillTheOne-AnimalMagnetism6-Apr 2015

For AJ, Darcy is the woman. Intense feelings and love may have crowded his heart, but the past pain of breaking off a long-term relationship with his war partner has him staying away from acting on his feelings for Darcy. Losing Darcy is not an option, yet the fear of insecurities of physical scars and emotional weakness keeps him a few feet away from Darcy.

And fate throws them together on a trip that is important to AJ as he needs to secure grants to help his patients and Darcy is the living and breathing evidence of his hard work and the difference he can make in a patient’s life. Circumstances reel them in as a couple and the lingering embers of attraction burst into flames of passion and desire that consumes them both.

Darcy is one of the bravest and sassy heroines of Jill’s series. Warm and open hearted, kind and helpful she would do anything to keep her pet project of helping S&R dogs find new homes. Former war veteran and widely popular AJ is just as lovable as all her other heroes. And together they are magnetic, charming and utterly delicious.

With emotions riding high, love and desire overtaking insecurities and pain, with loads of support, wit and family meddling thrown into the pot, “Still The One” is another highly entertaining, delicious and mouthwatering offering from Jill Shalvis.

Received an ARC from Penguin Group Berkley, NAL/Signet Romance DAW via NetGalley for an honest review.