In my world of reading and authors, there are very few that I hold on a pedestal for their writing prowess and ingenuity. In my book, if an author/writer can progress on her prowess from one to the next, a winner for me. Especially in a series where the stories revolve around the protagonists, it’s very important to evolve their relationship, create layers of depth to their characters, only to be peeled to expose their strengths and weaknesses, and the connection that they have with the readers, as they bridge their own insecurities and fears for a future. And Kendra Elliot does just that with finesse.


It’s not easy. It’s hard work and requires immense passion to be able to get into these characters to make them as believable as the next human being. The second book in the Callahan/McLane Series, “Bridged” by Kendra Elliot, is a brilliant narration of a past that haunts one person into killing, and a present that is burdened with guilt and the vulnerability of family and relationships.

FBI Agent Ava McLean and OSP Agent Mason Callahan are knee deep into investigating the murders that seem to be caught hanging at various bridges in the City Of Portland; Murders that leave no clues, or evidence. As Mason, Ava and their team of experts and agents, try to connect the pieces of the puzzle, Ava is drawn into a nightmare of a twin who is the power to bring Ava down single-handedly and test her sanity.

As the team goes into the past to dig through secrets, the present gets more and more ominous taking Ava closer to danger and death. What I most treasured about this book and my utter adoration to the writer is her technique of developing the story, piece by piece, detail by detail and character by character, be it the primary or the secondary. She delves into the pain and guilt haunting the killer as much she infuses strength and trust into the relationship between Ava and Mason. Ava’s twin Jayne is just another catalyst that tear opens Ava to the core, with Mason being her voice of love and reason.

Dripping with emotions of love and trust, tied up with frustration and fear, reeling in pangs of guilt and hatred, drowning in depths of despair and darkness, Bridged takes us over and under to the people who have made a choice to follow a path of evil and those who have chosen to protect until their last breath.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.