A new author on the block with the writing skills of a pro, Breah Elise debuts with “An Executive Affair”, a relationship that starts off with professional antagonism, slips between the sheets, sizzling and scorching, and steps into the winter storm of fears and insecurities.


Katie and Mitch are teamed to work on an architectural project that does not sit well with both. Katie thinks Mitch is arrogant, cocky, rude and condescending and Mitch just cannot stand Katie’s uptight, cold librarian attitude. Yet both cannot deny the first flare of attraction but both vehemently stay away from each other.

But with fate landing them right smack into the middle of a winter storm that forces them to stay together, that flare of attraction burns fierce than the fire in the hearth and they end up succumbing to the passion and lust. As the storm passes, and passion calms its ferocity, the dawn brings to light uncertainties and insecurities that Katie and Mitch never had a chance to discuss and put to rest.

Now it’s left to Mitch and Katie to give their executive affair a chance to survive and make it a long-term affair by working out their priorities and fears. Breah does a good job of creating Mitch and Katie with so many imperfections; it works out great for the storyline. They are headstrong, stubborn and just refuse plain refuse to listen to their hearts before biting off each other’s heads.

“An Executive Affair” takes you on a bumpy ride of love and pain, acceptance and forgiveness and accepting the imperfectly perfect life. It is captivating with lovable characters, good narration, and a sweet story line with a perfect ending.

Received a copy from the author for an honest review.