Windfall Island seems to get more and more dangerous with secrets lurking in the dark, as evil and greed want to get its hands on them. The third book in Anna Sullivan’s Windfall Series, “Secret Harbor” may very well bring into centuries old secret that can rock the town and change the lives of Paige Walker and her friends.

For the uninitiated readers, though the basic premise of finding the missing Eugenia Stanhope continues, each book in the series is a standalone with no cliffhangers, but you cannot resist going back to reading the other books in the series filled with thrills, danger and passion.


Paige Walker comes back home to Windfall to recover from a scandal that had rocked her Hollywood career and with her having no part in it, she wants to fall back and think about her future. She comes back to the sanctuary of her childhood home and best friends giving her unconditional support and love. All, except the rich, handsome and arrogant attorney Alec Barclay.

Alec Barclay is attracted to Paige at a basic level and he is not a happy camper with his feelings for her all over the place. He becomes judgmental, arrogant and hurtful before he realizes to make amends to Paige. Drawn into the search for the elusive Eugenia Stanhope, he ends up staying with Paige to protect her from danger.

As the search continues with the possibility that Paige may be the missing Eugenia, and with the flames of danger surrounding them, Alec and Paige become victims to the desire and passion that fans their hearts. But, before they can confess their love for each other, both have a lot of pain and insecurities to overcome.

Anna Sullivan does a fabulous job with Paige and Alec, two people meant to be together, but fighting every step of the way. The dialogue between them is witty, yet hurtful. Alec can be a jerk, but then he tames into a guy so in love with Paige he’s willing to accept his mistakes and grovel at her feet. And Paige with her heart so simple and kind, and a victim of Hollywood gossip, makes your heart ache for her as she gets judged by people especially Alec.

“Secret Harbor” takes you on a ride of passion and love, greed and evil, family and support in the beautiful Windfall Island and will the elusive Eugenia Stanhope come into light is for the readers to find out.

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.